New campus name reflects ties to Vista

New campus name reflects ties to Vista


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Don’t call it the USC Research Campus. In fact, don’t even call it a campus. Call it “Innovista.”

That’s the name USC officials unveiled Thursday for the 200-acre project they are developing adjacent to Columbia’s Congaree Vista.

“You may have noticed that we are more frequently calling the area an innovation district rather than a research park or campus because, quite frankly, it will not be a park or a campus,” USC president Andrew Sorensen told community leaders at a briefing at the Metropolitan Convention Center.

The Innovista is a unique model, said Harris Pastides, USC’s vice president for research and health sciences.

Most research campuses or parks usually are not adjacent to campuses and often have restricted access. USC’s innovation district “will be as much a part of city of Columbia as a part of the University of South Carolina,” Pastides said. It will not be fenced off, Pastides said. Instead, it will encourage interaction.

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