NewSouth Communications to Host DSL Seminars Across South; DSL Experts Offer Internet Solutions for Small to Medium-sized Busine

NewSouth Communications to Host DSL Seminars Across South; DSL Experts Offer
Internet Solutions for Small to Medium-sized Businesses
GREENVILLE, S.C., Sept. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- NewSouth Communications, one of
the South's leading broadband Integrated Communications Providers (ICPs), is
hosting free breakfast seminars in 10 of its major markets focused on DSL, the
fastest, most cost-effective Internet connection for small to medium-sized
businesses. These seminars will allow business customers to speak with
NewSouth's own experts in the field of data and Internet products and to
discover the benefits and capabilities of DSL as well as NewSouth's DSL
offering, SCREAMIN DSL. The seminars will be held September 12-28 in
Charlotte and Greensboro, NC; Memphis and Nashville, TN; New Orleans, LA;
Birmingham, AL; Louisville, KY; and Jacksonville, Tampa, and Orlando, FL.
Interested persons can visit for specific information
on the
seminar in their market.
NewSouth Communications, which has expanded its customer base to include
small businesses with six voice lines and up, launched SCREAMIN DSL early this
summer and now offers the service in over 1000 cities throughout the South and
across the country. SCREAMIN DSL offers small business customers the speed
and quality of a T1 data line for approximately one-third of the cost. While
offered as an independent service, SCREAMIN DSL can be easily integrated into
a customer's existing local dial tone and long distance services, while
offering the convenience of one bill. SCREAMIN DSL allows customers to
control cost, while increasing their capabilities and providing them the most
advanced tools needed to compete in a global marketplace.
NewSouth's SCREAMIN DSL provides a dedicated "always-on" connection
allowing for super-fast Internet access ideal for hassle-free web use, sending
and receiving large data files, and high-speed Internet connectivity. With
DSL, data is delivered over conventional telephone lines at symmetrical speeds
up to 27 times faster than traditional 56K modems or ISDN, meaning files can
be downloaded in seconds rather than minutes, or even hours, as with other
access methods. Designed for connecting a business' entire computer network
to the Internet,
SCREAMIN DSL eliminates the need to dial-up an Internet Service Provider's
access number to connect to the Internet.
"What a dedicated or "always-on" connection means is that businesses don't
have to worry about busy signals or other delays when trying to connect to the
Internet. SCREAMIN DSL provides constant connection that promotes efficiency
and productivity," commented David Hudson, Executive VP of Sales. "This is an
exciting product that will bring our customers many benefits."
NewSouth Communications is a privately held broadband ICP whose senior
management team collectively possesses hundreds of years of experience in
successful telecommunications-oriented businesses, including ACC Corp., now
AT&T, QWEST, and MCI WorldCom. The Company is actively expanding its
extensive network of Cisco New World packet-based switches, Lucent
Technologies, Inc. AnyMedia(TM) 5ESS-2000 switches, and the Lucent
advanced packet-based Softswitch across the South. NewSouth Communications is
also a designated Cisco Powered Network(TM).
In addition to SCREAMIN DSL, NewSouth offers a comprehensive portfolio of
communications services, including Internet, data, local, long distance, and
enhanced telecommunications services. The Company currently has offices in
South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama,
Kentucky, Mississippi, and Louisiana. For more information, visit the
Company's web site at .

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