Swamp Fox Privacy Policy

Through placing your profile online, Swamp Fox helps connect you with others with expertise, resources, and customers you need and to help others who need your expertise and resources connect with you. Anyone who places their profile online for free is able to see your online profile, so you should consider any information that is visible in My Profile to be in the public domain. Information provided when registering, including your physical or email addresses, will never be shared or sold to any outside party by Swamp Fox.

You can contact others through Private Messages by clicking on the Contact box in each profile on the website. Swamp Fox will never share the content of Private Messages with outside parties. The Swamp Fox administrator will, from time to time, review the content of Private Messages to ensure the civility and assess the legality of communications through the website and to better understand how users are communicating to improve the functionality of the website to more effectively connect users with one another.

By clicking the green My Profile tab and then the Privacy submenu, and then checking the box "Hide Your Profile," you can prevent others from seeing any information you provide as a part of the registration process. Note that if your profile is private, you will not be able to see community content, including the profiles of others or certain videos archived online.

All content uploaded by users to site, except for property otherwise copyrighted or trademarked, becomes the proprietary property of Swamp Fox LLC at the time it is uploaded to the site.