Sonic Jets TSG Division Begins Utilization of Advanced Steel Processor for its Blast-Proof Capsules in its Mine Protected Vehicl

Sonic Jet's TSG Division Begins Utilization of Advanced Steel Processor for its
Blast-Proof Capsules in its Mine Protected Vehicles
South African firm, VR Steel's Partnership with TSG Begins to Materialize

CHARLESTON, S.C., Feb. 10 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Technical Solutions
Group, Inc. (TSG), a subsidiary of Sonic Jet Performance, Inc.
(OTC Bulletin Board: SJET) announced today that it's partnership with an
advanced steel processor in South Africa has borne fruit. The first of ten
blast-proof capsules utilizing armor cut-to-size by VR Steel in South Africa
left this week on a ship bound for the US. TSG and VR Steel formed a
relationship in 2002 to provide some of the difficult processing of the armor
used in blast-proof capsules for TSG's line of Mine Protected Vehicles. The
work is performed at VR Steel's facility just outside Johannesburg, South
Fabrication of these capsules is unusually demanding. Several types of
specialized armor and steel are utilized and each must maintain adherence to a
rigid set of metallurgical standards throughout the manufacturing process. The
armor must be cut, bent, welded, punched, and drilled to narrow tolerances.
None of these processes can be allowed to change the characteristics of the
Lasers make the difference: VR Steel makes perfect cuts in special
armored steel up to 16 mm thick using state-of-the-art CO2 lasers. The
primary advantage of the laser is that it makes very clean cuts to very tight
tolerances with extreme repeatability. Such clean cuts are essential to the
very strong joints and overlaps required for militarily protected vehicles.
The blast-proof capsules are fabricated in South Africa by TSG personnel
using the armor provided by VR Steel. They are then shipped to TSG's 85,000
square foot facility in Charleston, South Carolina for finishing and
integration with modified commercial drivetrains. The purpose-built monocoque
capsule is designed to protect both the driver and crew from small arms fire
and land mine blasts. It is mated with the latest in American commercial
automotive technology to produce the most user-friendly and adaptable vehicle
in its class. The result is a 6X6 "Buffalo" Mine Protected Vehicle. TSG was
recently awarded an $8 million contract to supply Buffalos to the US Army for
mine clearance. TSG is also supplying "Cougar" Mine Protected Vehicles to the
British Ministry of Defense.
TSG President Garth Barrett added, "We very much appreciate the
technology, dedication, integrity and commitment to confidentiality that VR
Steel brings to this relationship. This relationship enables TSG to provide
vehicles with the highest level of blast protection ever achieved."

About Technical Solutions Group, Inc.
Technical Solutions Group, Inc. (TSG) manufactures and markets military
vehicles that are protected against landmines and hostile fire. These
vehicles are typically used to transport personnel safely in areas infested
with landmines and for the actual removal of landmines. The vehicles are
manufactured in Charleston, SC, where TSG is based. For more information

About Sonic Jet Performance, Inc.
Sonic Jet Performance, Inc. manufactures and distributes vehicles that
protect and save lives. Military land vehicles are sold under the Technical
Solutions Group (TSG) brand. The Company's boats, which carry the Sonic Jet
brand, are sold to government entities such as fire departments, police
departments, the Coast Guard, and the military. Sonic Jet's patented line of
Fire/Rescue and Patrol boats are in service throughout the United States and
in other countries. Recent deliveries have been made to the Palos Verdes (CA)
Police Department, the Sheboygan (WI) Fire Department, and the former Soviet
Union. For more information please visit:

Contact: Walter Wright, Sonic Jet Performance, Inc., 714-903-0025,
[email protected], 11782 Western Avenue, Unit 18, Stanton, CA
90680, or Rick McCaffrey, OTC Financial Network, 781-444-6100, ext. 621 or
email [email protected] or visit

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