South Carolina City to Install VC3s Product Suite

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South Carolina City to Install VC3's Product Suite

City of York Expands e-Government Solution to include Citizen Request module

COLUMBIA, SC - April 6, 2001 - e-Government solutions provider VC3, Inc.,
announced today a contract with the City of York, South Carolina, for an
expansion to its e-Government solution. The city anticipates implementation of
the GovHost.CitizenRequest module of VC3's GovHost product suite to begin
next month. Cities in both Georgia and North Carolina are already using
GovHost.CitizenRequest, which provides citizens with the ability to request
services and track requests from beginning to completion. All city departments,
including public works, fire, police, planning and zoning,
financial administration, economic development, and recreation, will use the
citizen request module, which will go live by June. VC3 first developed
York's web site in October 2000. The City of York plans on adding additional
GovHost modules in the future.

"With the commitment to service and quality VC3 has demonstrated to us thus
far, we are confident they will successfully move our city further into the
e-commerce world," said Raymond C. Eubanks, III, city manager for the City of
York. "The need for online government interaction will increase as our
city grows and as more people access today's technology. By implementing
GovHost.CitizenRequest, we can stay ahead of that demand curve to more
efficiently and effectively interact and communicate with our citizens."

As part of the initial web site development and implementation project, VC3
enabled the city to administer its new web site with informational pages,
city council agendas and minutes, maps, municipal projects, council and staff
information, and links to other informative web sites. The new
GovHost.CitizenRequest module will allow citizens to log onto the city web site
24 hours a day, seven days a week to communicate with the city about
matters that normally would require a trip or call to city hall. Requests are
electronically routed to the appropriate department for resolution, and
can be tracked through email notification to citizens when an update is made.

"Choosing to implement GovHost.CitizenRequest was a strategic move for the City
of York to improve two-way communication between citizens and city
hall," said David Dunn, president and CEO of VC3, Inc. "The e-Government
solution we are developing for York enables the city to go where no other
city in South Carolina has gone in terms of meeting citizen needs online."

About VC3 and
VC3, Inc. is a total solutions provider headquartered in Columbia, SC. VC3 has
an e-Government product line,, which offers a complete suite
of hosted virtual government and line-of-business solutions to small and
medium-sized local governments via an application service provider (ASP)
business model. Through its national network of resellers, provides
e-Government outsourcing services for cities and counties
nationwide. Obtain more information via the web at or by
calling 1-800-787-1160.

About City of York
York, South Carolina, is located in York County and is approximately 30 miles
south-southwest of Charlotte, NC. York has a population of 7,000 and
has one of the state's largest historic districts. The city of York is a full
service government providing police, fire suppression, recreation, planning,
economic development, garbage and brush collection, and water and
sewer services.


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