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Will 2014 be the year equity crowdfunding arrives in big way for us?

Black History Museum Envisioned in Charleston Essential to Telling Our Story

I'm politically homeless in a broken society. We need a fresh political wind.

Swamp Fox Insights - Do Different - Great lessons from three outstanding entrepreneurs

Charlie Houser: This is what serial entrepreneurs do.

Motivating people to help make your big idea a reality

We can create one of the best public school systems in the world

A German Engineer Converts an American WWII Air Force Base into a World Leading Test Track

Impossible to Predict: The Selah Genomics Story

A powerful, must see video about innovation in public education. Future of Education?

InnoMobility 2012 highlighted on the SC Business Update From John “SwampFox” Warner podcast

One of My Most Important SC Business Review Updates: Growing the Global Reputation of the South Carolina Research Enterprise

From 2009 - It's not time to act: BMW is the model that led to Boeing, so let's start now in creating the next CU-ICAR

SC Business Review: Radio Update on InnoVenture 2012

Clay Christensen: How To Escape The Innovator’s Dilemma [TCTV]

John Warner: Industrial recruitment is necessary but not sufficient. What can we be best in the world at?

A profound and encouraging Facebook post by Governor Halley

Your Day with John Warner - A Game Plan for Innovation

Your Day with John Warner - Why the iPhone is made in China - We need an Education = Prosperity Strategy

Earn a Clemson MBA and launch your own company, all in the same year

Lessons from the Antiques Road Show About How Entrepreneurs Should Tell Stories

Do we want the ability to design and make iPhones here?

I need to take my own advice... think bigger!

A Good New Year's Resolution for All of Us: Create the Perfect One Sentence to Explain What We Do

President Obama: The world is shifting to an innovation economy.

Dr. Kozmetski's impact on me: We're getting very close to the vision he gave me in Austin

Clemson's Intelligent River to monitor Savannah River water quality

The STEAMy Legacy of Steve Jobs: The Intersection of Technology and Liberal Arts

The greatest gap in SAT scores of SC students is among those with the most educated parents

Motives do matter in public education

An economic strategy built around a rule that doesn't work because it's golden, but is golden because it works

Trey's lesson: Take time for more snow cones with those you care for

The Greenville Formula: A group from Lexington, KY report on their Greenville visit

Reality Check: America's Best High Schools reports NC has 5X the best schools and Georgia 3X more schools than SC

Lessons from the SC Education Oversight Committee: Moving from Testing to Governance and Leadership

The clue from the mouse that helps us identify the big winners from InnoVenture Southeast

We spend a quarter of a million per classroom. Why don't we pay teachers $125K?

Socrates warning about a disruptive technology - wrting. He was first in many things, including being the first Luddite

John Warner newest member of SC Education Oversight Committee. Now what do we do to transform K-12 education in SC?

Happy Holidays - Thank you for all your leadership - Carpe diem in 2011

How might we change the way innovation occurs in the corporate works? Collaborative Innovation and a Pull Economy

Open letter from John Warner regarding the upcoming election: The drivers of economic prosperity are not politicians in Columbia

A great video of Sir Ken Robinson's Changing Education Paradigms

Is this what Governor Sanford means when he says SC shouldn't invest in higher education like NC?

Proof that SC state government is dysfunctional is that the Comptroller General sets education policy

What is it about, "It's a marathon, not a sprint" that you don't understand?

We don't want more of this in South Carolina? Really? Are you sure?

Level of Income Directly Correlated with Level of Education

Increases in Tuition and Feed equal declines in State Appropriations

Book Review of Brains on Fire: Igniting Powerful, Sustainable Word of Mouth Movements

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