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Celebration of Clemson Alumni Entrepreneurs - March 29th

March 2nd - Leadership Seminar. Guest Speaker: Mike Baur

Clemson Introduces - New MBA Concentration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Degree Program

The Walter Hunter Lecture "Entrepreneurship and the Innovation Pipeline" - February 2

Leadership Seminar - Robert Hill "Leadership and Prospering During Turbulent Times"

Leadership Seminar - Paul Shaw "Growing a Healthcare Organization - December 2

Leadership Seminar - David Pattillo "Entrepreneurship on the International Stage" - October 7

Leadership Seminar - Dr. Buddy Thompson "Developing a Lakeside Community in Upstate SC" - August 26

Leadership Seminar - Davis S. Ridley "Forty Years of LUV - The Southwest Airlines Story" - April 1

Clemson University's Celebration of Alumni Entrepreneurs

Leadership Seminar - Anna Bernasek, "Economics of Integrity"

Clemson MBA and Spiro Institute Brown Bag Leadership Seminar "The Economics of Integrity"

Clemson MBA and Spiro Institute Leadership Seminar - "Shaping the Future" - February 4

Clemson Spiro Inst and Clemson MBA present 1st Friday Series of Leadership Seminars

Entrepreneurship Tomorrow - October 15th

"Entrepreneurship Tomorrow" presented by the Spiro Institute at Clemson University - October 15

Clemson MBA Program and Spiro Institute's "Leadership Seminar" featuring Will Marre, Co-Founder of the Covey Leadership Center

A Celebration of Clemson Alumni Entrepreneurs - February 25

The Clemson University Master Panel of Entrepreneurs

Celebration of Clemson Alumni Entrepreneurs

Spiro Institute sponsors collegiate entrepreneur competition with $3,000 in prize money