Ometric Announces Breakthrough Step Toward Final Dosage Assurance for Pharmaceuticals

Southern Research Launches New Consulting Engineering Business Based on Modeling and Simulation

Sequoia Capital and The Trelys Funds Co-Lead Additional Round of Funding for Spectroscopy Innovator Ometric Corporation

Spectroscopy Innovator Ometric to Provide Live Demonstrations at PITTCON 2006 Featuring SpectrInline Processware(TM)

Don't Let Clothing Rub You the Wrong Way! Introducing DermaSmart(TM) a Breakthrough Fabric for the Relief of Itchy, Dry Sensitiv

Small Science Firm with Ties to SC Wins Big in Europe

$800,000 grant to create open lab in University of South Carolina NanoCenter

University of South Carolina receives nanotechnology grant

Polymer Group, Inc. Announces New Corporate Headquarters in Charlotte

ORNL is Optimistic About New Nanoscale Manufacturing Technique

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