Center for Emerging Technologies at CU-ICAR received LEED® Gold certification

in-tech Automotive Engineering establishing new facility in Greenville County

TIGGES launches its first North American facility at CU-ICAR

Second Ecoplosion Summit Announced | To focus on Entrepreneurship, Real Estate, and Economic Development - January 24

TRIZ - The Theory of Innovative Problem Solving - 3 day training course - September 13-15

SPAWAR team takes first Przirembel Prize: Keep the MRAPs and M-ATVs coming. They save our lives. Tell them back home thank you.

Southern Connector Turning 10

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Proterra Selects Greenville, CU-ICAR for R and D, Assembly Facility

An Inside Look at the American Le Mans Racing Series – “The Global Leader of Green Racing” and the Michelin Green X Challen

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