Unitrends Software Adds `Bare Metal Recovery Protection to CTAR Data Protection for UNIX

Unitrends Software Adds `Bare Metal' Recovery Protection to CTAR Data
Protection for UNIX

International Reputation Enhanced Through Latest Release; Siemens Cites
Software's Power, `Perfect Cooperation' of Unitrends Developers

COLUMBIA, S.C., Nov. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Unitrends Software Corp.
(http://www.unitrends.com), a pioneer in the development of enterprise-wide
data protection products and services, today announced added "bare metal"
recovery capabilities to its industry-standard CTAR(TM) compressing tape
archiving software for UNIX-based systems. Unitrends also announced that CTAR
is certified under SCO(R) Group's OpenServer 5.0.7, that company's latest
operating system.
Today's announcements are consistent with Unitrends' 15-year history of
providing solid data protection across multiple platforms to companies of all
CTAR, installed at thousands of end-user sites worldwide, enables users to
perform a complete "bare metal" crash recovery solution on multiple variants
of UNIX, including Linux, Sun(R) Solaris, and more. The heterogeneous support
allows companies to protect the data of virtually any computer on their
network, saving them both significant time and money through CTAR's ability to
restore a crashed computer to full functionality in as little as twenty
minutes, without the need to reinstall the operating system, add-ons,
registry, device drivers, upgrades or software packages.
"We have put the power of CTAR to work in about 700 customer systems,"
said Klaus Bauerschmidt of Siemens AG (http://www.siemens.com) in Fuerth,
Germany, a CTAR user since 1997. "We have never had any problems saving or
restoring data with CTAR; even untrained personnel are able to restore a
complete system after a hardware failure or upgrade." Bauerschmidt noted that
Siemens has recently upgraded its UNIX servers to run OpenServer 5.0.7, and
said Unitrends was able to develop an improved, compliant version of CTAR
within days of his request.
"The lessons we've learned from CTAR over the years have helped us in our
approach to every product we have on the market today," said Steve Schwartz,
Unitrends' Founder and Chief Technology Officer. "The advanced data
protection that we built into CTAR from the start is reflected in today's full
range of products, ranging from our Data Protection Suite software, to the
complete line of Data Protection Units (DPU(TM)), which provides disk-to-disk
backup capability for small and mid-sized businesses."
More information about the new version of CTAR and the complete line of
Unitrends products is available exclusively through the company's network of
authorized resellers.

About Unitrends Software Corp.
Founded in 1989, Unitrends Software Corp. is a pioneer in the protection
of corporate-critical data and a leader in data protection. Unitrends provides
powerful backup, recovery and complete data-protection products and services
that are cross-platform, scalable and simple to use. More information on
Unitrends is available from the company's website, http://www.unitrends.com or
by calling 803.454.0300.

SOURCE Unitrends Software Corp.
Web Site: http://www.unitrends.com

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