USC Columbia Technology Incubator names new student companies for 2005

USC Columbia Technology Incubator names new student companies for 2005
The University of South Carolina Columbia Technology Incubator has chosen three
student companies for admission.
"The Incubator Advisory Committee is very excited about this group of
companies," said Joel Stevenson, director of USC's Columbia Technology
Incubator. "These are innovative students, and we look forward to working with
them to bring their ideas from an entrepreneurial startup to a profitable
venture that benefits the community."
USC's Columbia Technology Incubator was created to provide opportunities for
regular and student technology companies to commercialize their ideas, produce
successful, financially viable and freestanding businesses and generate
hundreds of additional jobs in the community. Once admitted, the companies are
expected to graduate in three years.
The newest members of the USC Columbia Technology Incubator's student program
include the following:
Melissa Anderson, Lexington, and Jonathan Bouknight, North Augusta, for "No
Parking Production," a promotions company specializing in photography, film and
video services for local bands and musical artists.
Brendan Alberts, Augusta, and Liam Golightley, Princeton, N.J., for "AG
Innovations," an electronics company that will produce "Good Vibrations," an
innovative alarm clock that vibrates under a mattress so as to avoid the
unpleasant noise of traditional alarm clocks.
Derrick Mobley, Carlisle, for Web-based company ","
an online database for real estate listings and services.
The USC Columbia Technology Incubator Advisory Committee, which comprises USC
faculty and staff and business leaders, selects the student companies.
Since its inception in 1998, USC's Columbia Technology Incubator has
contributed to the creation of 345 jobs and more than $27 million has been
raised by the companies.

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