Celebrate your success stories with us

We want to celebrate your success stories with you.

Last week, you provided incredible responses when we asked, "What’s on the top of your mind?"

You’re investing time reading Swamp Fox right now. You may have attended InnoVenture in the past, or at least have been following its progress. Why? What are you seeking to gain from these investments of your time?

Your responses were powerful:

1) Thought leaders, Cutting edge, Breakthrough technologies
2) Exciting, Intriguing, Enthusiastic, Inspirational
3) Networking, Sharing, Collaboration, Synergy
4) Innovation and Entrepreneurship
5) Growth, Wealth, Opportunity, Advancement, Sustainability


Now we are looking for success stories that match up with this. The thought leader who visualized what was possible and inspired others to develop powerful synergies leading to growth and wealth creation. Or even stories a bit more modest than that. We are interested in all success stories, but particularly those sparked by something from here at the Swamp Fox or perhaps a hand you shook at InnoVenture.

Please take a few moments to leave a comment below sharing a success story you know about, perhaps even a personal story, which others can enjoy and be inspired by.

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