Xtention Releases Xtention Learning Management System 2.4 Multilanguage Version

Xtention Releases Xtention Learning Management System 2.4 Multilanguage Version

Columbia, S.C., June 6, 2005 – Xtention Incorporated, creator of the fixed
price Xtention Learning Management System and Learning Content Management
System, today announced the 2.4 release of their learning management system.

Xtention 2.4 continues to be a fixed price learning management system that now
includes over 200 features including multilingual capabilities, an update to
Test Builder and the Survey/Evaluation Tool, expanded search capabilities, and
new reports.

''The Xtention Learning System with all the new added features merely makes it
the best product on the market when you look at scalability, flexibility and
price'', said Mitch Smith, president and CEO of Xtention. ''Our scalability
enables us to scale for Bank of America and flex for a content company like Red
Hawk which allows them to manage 20 or more clients, each with their own
portal, in one single install.''

Xtention's Enterprise LCMS has consistently been recognized by industry
veterans as a cost-effective application to manage training, certification,
testing, and surveys for medium to enterprise organizations. Xtention's license
is the most cost-effective in the industry, thus allowing organizations, even
with training budget constraints, to effectively and efficiently manage
internal and external training costs. Xtention is built in a modular fashion
which allows organizations to acquire only those features needed, while adding
features as their training matures. Current modules include Content Authoring,
Skills Assessment, Survey and Evaluation, Ecommerce, and Events.

About Xtention Incorporated
Xtention Incorporated is headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina. Since 2001,
the Xtention Learning Management System has been licensed to companies
world-wide. Xtention manages classroom, web-based, and blended learning within
an organization, while allowing for integration with ERP/CRM applications.
Clients include: AAA, AFLAC, Bank of America, Darden, and Gamestop. Xtention is
one of 17 LMS listed in the brandonhall.com ''Low Cost Learning Management
Systems'', as well as one of 8 recommended LCMS in Training Magazine's Guide to
Buying a LCMS.

Xtention, Inc
1619 Sumter St.
Columbia, SC 29201

Media Contact for Xtention Inc. is Jonathan Benthall
[email protected] (803) 733-7330

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