Yorko.com signs pact with WNSC-TV

Yorko.com signs pact with WNSC-TV
Sep 22, 2000 02:28 PM ET

By Cassandra Crowther, LocalBusiness.com

ROCK HILL, S.C., Sept. 22 (LocalBusiness.com) -- Yorko.com, an online guide to
South Carolina's goods and services, signed a partnership agreement with
educational television station WNSC to distribute the station's local
information and educational services.
The agreement, which becomes effective Oct. 1, provides underwriting trades and
Web content for the Yorko.com site in areas such as local government and
education issues for York, Chester and Lancaster counties.
In return, Yorko.com, which is a division of Sturgis Digital Communications
located in Rock Hill, S.C., will carry the television station's banner ads
promoting its educational programming.
"I see our relationship as the beginning of a significant collaboration that
could be expanded to statewide opportunities in the future," said Randy
Sturgis, president of Yorko.com and Sturgis Digital Communications.
Yorko.com, which was established last year as an information portal for South
Carolina, carries information on regional goods and services such as
restaurants, hotels, events and professional services.
The site also contains current events information, including community and
professional organization meeting dates, high school sports scores and local
movie listings.
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